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NRIs face a lot issues in managing the properties they hold in India and the biggest one is to find a Legal agency which can provide them legal advice and solutions for all their queries under one roof.




Property search : where is my property

  • Physically and in government records
  • What do the government records say – am I the owner in records
  • Are the land records updated for this property – Is the title clear
  • Verification of land records which are often in vernacular language

Transfer of property

  • Inherited through will or law of succession
  • If the owner is alive and has given consent to transfer
  • Property can be transferred as a Gift through a Gift Deed without exchange of money but needs to be registered failing which it becomes null and void
  • Property transfer through Registered Sale deed : A regular process of Buy and sell
  • Which further requires Title deeds, revenue records, and mutations in your favor

Partition of Joint Property

  • Inherited property through will or law of succession brings the issue of Shared Ownership of land/property.
  • A legal partition of property is required to solve the issues among the claim holders and partition of property in government recordsis required for effective management and control of ownership.
  • If an NRI individual is co-owner with any other person, it can create complications and lead to disputes
  • Property disputes are common in case of joint property if the NRI does not have cordial relations with person who currently has possession the joint property.
  • The individual who has possession currently usually prefers to get authority to manage, control and even sell the relevant share which is detrimental to the interest of NRI
  • In such scenarios when all claim holders are not in agreement, a legal suit is to be filed in concerned courts.
  • To contest and adequately represented in the suit filed in courts, NRIs need assistance, advice and representation through legal representatives even without being present in India physically.

Buying or selling of property

  • Identification of buyer/seller.
  • Identification of a suitable property as per the requirements of the client.
  • Establishing title to the property
  • Ensuring that all documents are properly executed and delivered.
  • Preparing & evaluating all the documents necessary to complete a transaction efficiently & correctly
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing sale and purchase agreements.
  • A thorough physical inspection of the property in order to negotiate a better purchase price.
  • Representation before various authorities such as Sub Divisional Magistrate, Registrar, Courts etc.
  • Repatriation advice, tax advice and any other compliance advice.

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