Land & Property Disputes

One of the major issues being faced by NRI community is on account of property disputes in India. NRIs usually invest in some kind of property or piece of land in their native place as at the back of their mind they intend to come back to India in future.

Even though making investment in land/property in their country is a good decision but managing a land/property when you are not physically available opens plethora of legal disputes.

Our team of expert civil litigation lawyers can assist you in any of the property disputes like

  • Illegal and Unauthorized Sale/Transfer of property
  • Illegal possession of property
  • Encroachment of property and land grabbing
  • Landlord tenant issues – Evict Non Paying Tenants
  • Handover of Possession of property with Real estate developer
  • Creation of fake land records in government records

Handling Property matters and disputes isn’t easy for the NRIs or their wards and seek legal assistance of a credible and ethical legal firm in India to manage these issues. We at RK Legal advisors can represent you in all legal matters from litigations, negotiations, to out of the court settlement.

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