Rights of Wife on Her Husband's Property

‘ My Husband is my Property ………..

But Are you Sure that your Husband’s property

is YOUR property ‘

Indian constitution provides rights to each and every citizen of the nation in accordance with certain terms. Needless to mention it’s extremely important for every citizen to be aware of their rights and duties

Even though women are aggressively participating in every field and are giving tough competition to their male counterparts but surprisingly when it comes to awareness of their rights as a woman, women in general are far behind

A woman plays a vital role in our society and has to switch roles from a daughter to a wife and to a mother, it’s crucial that she should be well aware of her rights at different stages of her life to protect and safeguard herself in this male dominated society

The most important role played by any woman in her life term is of a WIFE and should be well versed with her rights as per law

In common parlance a wife is called the Finance Minister of her home as she makes every effort to save on day to day spends . Women have a general tendency to negotiate with every one – from doodhwala to vegetable hawker to auto rickshaw wala, they haggle and make best use of their money

The point is when they can negotiate and haggle with everyone on every step on day to ay basis, why shouldn’t they be aware of finances of her husband so as to actively participate and know her rights

Women should be aware of not only savings, they should know finer details like tax-payments, bank accounts, monthly bills and ofcourse property owned by her husband.

The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, governs the succession and inheritance laws for Hindus, along with Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. This Act makes no distinction between movable and immovable property

Hello WIFEYs, you will jump out of your chair when you read this

  • A wife is entitled to all articles, movable or immovable received during her marriage from her parents and in-laws

  • A wife is entitled to an equal share of her husband’s property like other heirs and If there are no other heirs, she has full right to the entire property of her husband

  • A married Hindu woman is the sole owner and manager of assets whether earned, inherited or gifted. She is also entitled to maintenance, support and shelter from her husband, and if staying in a joint family, from the joint family

  • If the couple is divorced, all issues related to maintenance and alimony are decided at the time of divorce. After the death of her ex-husband, the wife does not have any right on ex-husband’s estate if he dies INTESTATE ( means without any WILL )

  • Wife holds right to claim whole property of her husband after his death in case there’s no will and no other heir

A big heads up to all Husbands (On a humorous note)

All Hubbys, please ensure to take good care of your wife and do not dare to annoy her unnecessarily. You would not like your wife to enjoy your hard earned property and money alone after you leave for heavenly abode ……. Lol

In order to take care of women’s rights in male dominated society, Our constitution has tried to strike a balance and ensured that married women and wives enjoy series of rights so as to save them from not getting exploited at the hands of her In laws after the sad demise of her husband.

  • Right to Streedhan (All the gifts and money that she got on her wedding)

  • Right to residence (obviously the place where husband stays, irrespective of the place being ancestral, rented, self or jointly owned). However now the courts have held that the wife or husband do not have any rights of residence in the property of husband’s parents

  • Right to a committed relationship (Husbands can have extra marital affairs at your own risk keeping in mind the wrath of your wife)

  • Right to live with dignity & self-respect (Moral right of every human and women are no less humans)

  • Right to maintenance by husband (Oh yes! You need to empty your pockets)

  • Right to child maintenance (Your child is your responsibility and you have to bear the cost of the studies and expenses till he attains age of 21).

So All you ladies, if you are caught up in a situation and are not well aware of your rights on the financial assets and property of your deceased husband, we would request to get in touch with a qualified lawyer.