NRIs Rights For Tenant Eviction

NRIs settled abroad commonly rent out their properties in India. It is also considered as a convenient way to have a stable source of income by a lot of NRIs. But sometimes, this gives rise to conflicts and disputes regarding tenancy.

According to Indian rental laws, an NRI landlord has the rights to evict tenants provided there is a legitimate and justified reason. State governments in India have implemented the Rent Control Acts to provide regulated laws for rented properties as well as tenant evictions. The important thing to keep in mind is that tenancy laws vary from state to state. Thus, one needs to check the jurisdiction under which the property falls.

Some of the common grounds on which NRIs can evict tenants in India are:-

    1. When an NRI returns to the country and wants the premises for his own use, either for a residential or commercial purpose; then the tenant can be asked to vacate the property
    2. When it has been established that a property requires maintenance/repairs and it can’t be done without evicting the tenant.
    3. When a property needs to be demolished for construction purposes either by the owner or a third party.
    4. When a tenant is using the property for the purpose other than that mentioned in the agreement or for any illegal/unethical purpose.
    5. When a tenant has not occupied the premises for a considerably long time.
    6. When there is non-payment of rent beyond 15 days from the scheduled date and there is no justified reason for it.
    7. When a property is sub-let without prior permission or knowledge of the owner.
    8. When a tenant has done damage to the property resulting in a decrease in value or utility of the property.
    9. When a tenant refuses to give or mention the title of the property to the landlord.
    10. When there have been considerable bonafide complaints from the neighbors for the objectionable way of living

ADVISORY: Rental laws vary from state to state so, the above-mentioned grounds will be applied subjectively.

When talking about state laws regarding tenancy, the state of Punjab has taken a leap forward. The East Punjab Urban Land Restriction Act 1949, has been amended in favor of landlords and has helped NRIs in property management. Section 13-B under this act offers a speedy remedy for NRI landlords regarding tenant eviction. According to this section, the owner of the property can demand immediate eviction from property for his own use on his return to India. This section can be invoked by the owner only once in a lifetime and for one property only. Supreme Court has given various judgments on this clause and upheld the validity of the clauses of this section.