Landlord Tenant Disputes Of NRIs

It is common for NRIs to own properties across India. In order to ensure proper upkeep of the properties, NRIs tend to rent out these properties. However, since it is not feasible for NRI property owners to regularly visit their rental properties; landlord tenant disputes may arise.

The rights and duties of both landlords and tenants are governed by legal acts such as ‘Rent Control Act, 1948’ and ‘The Model Tenancy Act, 2019’. At Raj & Kanwar Legal Advisors, we provide thorough assistance to NRI clients in managing legal disputes with their tenants. It is ensured that the rights of NRI property owners are protected as per the legal acts of India.

Common Reasons for Tenant/ Property Owner Dispute

Landlord-tenant disputes may arise out of many reasons. Following are some common reasons that may lay the foundation of such disputes:

    • Non-payment of rent by the tenant
    • Sub-letting without seeking permission from the NRI property owner
    • Commercial use of the residential property
    • Damage caused to the property by the tenant
    • Personal behavior of the tenant

In case of any of the above mentioned reasons, NRI owners may send an eviction notice to the tenants. However, the dispute may deepen if the tenant becomes non-respondent to the notice. We, at Raj & Kanwar Legal Advisors, pay deep attention to resolving landlord-tenant issues for NRIs.

For reducing the landlord tenant disputes, our team advises NRIs to follow these steps:

  • Proper registration of documents
  • Formulate a fair rent agreement before renting out your property
  • Consider short term rent agreements
  • Follow the law when considering to increase the rent

As it can be overwhelming for NRI property owners to have thorough knowledge about landlord tenant laws prevailing in India, it is advisable for them to hire a professional legal firm.

Raj & Kanwar Legal Advisors located in Chandigarh, India provides services to the NRIs to assist them in handling following tenancy disputes:

    • Illegal possession of property
    • Eviction of non-paying tenants
    • Other landlord-tenant disputes

The services provided by our legal team include representation of NRI clients in all legal disputes and law suits including litigations, negotiations and out of the court settlements. We adopt a customer centric approach with NRI clients being the focus of our attention. Our team is well versed in complex litigation matters related to landlord-tenant disputes. For more details on landlord tenant disputes of NRIs, visit us at SCO 286, 2nd Floor, Sector 35 – D, Chandigarh. You can also call at: +919872724414

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