Though various laws have been made for the benefit of married women in India, yet the same is being blatantly misused by the women for their fiscal benefits.

It is a common practice among married women to name the entire family of the boy's side in criminal complaints having been filed by them in case the marriage hits the rough patch.

This practice creates a lot of problems for our NRI male clients who have their families back home in India. On one hand, they have to face the trauma of unsettled marriage and other the other hand there is a threat to their family being involved in false and frivolous cases.

Though the various provisions of the law have been made for the benefit of women but the same is being blatantly misused and we are flooded with inquiries where our male NRI clients and their families in India end up being involved in false and fictitious cases. The purpose of such false and frivolous cases is to extract as much money from the unsuspecting husbands as is possible.

There are many male NRI clients who have suffered at hands of such unscrupulous elements. False cases have been registered against them and their families in India. On one hand they cannot return to India for fear of being prosecuted and on the other hand, their immediate family members are harassed.

We wish and hope that our NRI clients enjoy a happy married life but in case they face any problems, whatsoever, relating to marriage, divorce, criminal cases relating to the matrimonial alliance, etc. they must seek legal advice from a divorce lawyer.